Using Owner Financing to acquire Orlando investment property

Owner financing can either be for the full purchase price or it might just be a percentage of the purchase price. When sellers do owner financing, they usually require a mortgage on the property. Owner financing is also a way for a seller to get a premium price for the property, often times one that would be unlikely that the investment property would appraise for. Ask yourself why would a seller carry a mortgage? Sometimes they are left with little choice, and it’s either sell quickly using owner financing or leave the Orlando investment property on the market and chance a decline in property value.

Owner financing can also be an option for more than just traditional homes. Property owners can potentially carry the note for commercial property, land, and most other types of real estate. Owner financing is not very common among homeowners and it is usually employed by investors buying an investment property to rent out or flip. If a property is in a bad condition or the owner has a vacant home sitting on the market for a significant period of time, then he or she may consider owner financing. Owner financing or seller financing (also called “rent to own”) is a process by which the seller offers to hold the note for you. No banks or credit are needed for this type of Orlando investment property purchasing.

In owner financing, the seller is helped while steady cash flows are generated and one can set terms like interest rate as well as payment terms too. This is thus a way in which win/win is ensured for all the concerned parties to the deal. In many cases, people are willing to have the seller of the potential Orlando investment property help with the finances, which means that the owner doubles up as the bank too. Terms and conditions are laid out and agreed upon. The buyer pays off the amount according to the terms of the deal without having to go to the bank. There is an option of varying the quantity of payments and this is duly mentioned in the terms and conditions of the contract.

In some cases, sellers ask for higher than usual down payments to safeguard their interests as compared to a mortgage lender. While most of the owner financing emanates from the owner’s savings, the terms mostly call for lower interest rates than what traditional lenders charge on Orlando investment property.

Interest rates have spreads that are determined by financial institutions. Generally, 1.50% to 2.50% over prime is the general interest rate with those who want lower rates being required to do a lot of research. This is not required in the case of owner financing. In a few rare cases, the owner financing may be even at 0% interest, especially in cases when the seller is very keen on selling the Orlando investment property urgently.

Seller financing helps to sell Orlando investment properties much faster as it becomes extremely attractive to buyers. This helps in not only ensuring great buyer interest, but also the ability to generate the higher price for the property being sold.